Plants of the Phusicene          
MOAM x De Hortus, NL (2019)

Light installation, Podcast, Pamphlets and Signage
Exhibition tree photos by Lucca Roelvink

Embark on a captivating journey into the future with Plants of the Phusicene, a unique concept that transcends conventional storytelling. This immersive exhibition and mini-podcast series explore an imaginative scenario: the Phusicene, the potential next chapter of Earth's history. In this visionary world, we delve into the lives of plants as protagonists, communicating crucial messages about our current climate crisis and the future of our relationship with the natural world.

Through a fusion of narrative storytelling, informative interviews, and compelling science communication, Plants of the Phusicene brings together extraordinary people with thought-provoking stories. In the podcast you will meet inspiring scientists, experts, and visionaries who share their invaluable insights into our pressing environmental challenges and the possibilities that lie ahead.

The heart of the exhibition is a captivating pink Light installation, which serves as a powerful symbol of interconnectedness. As you walk through de Hortus, you will discover how four distinct plants come alive through artistic expression and scientific knowledge, providing profound lessons about the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

This project would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of four esteemed scientists and experts: Jeroen Helmer, Norbert Peeters, Martin Smit, and Crystal H. McMichael, Ph.D. Their valuable contributions have enriched this experience, infusing it with meticulous research and detailed information.

Plants of the Phusicene aims to inspire a collective consciousness, urging us to reflect on the critical environmental issues we face today. It challenges us to reconsider our actions and empowers us to embrace a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence with nature.

Amsterdam, NL