Open Oscillator          
10 — 11 juni 2023, Amsterdam, NL

Graphic design, wayfinding and campaign

Open Oscillator is an electronic music festival with a focus on experiment and sound art. OO is made possible by Stichting Muziekstraat, Amsterdam Fund for The Arts, VSB Fund, Municipality of Amsterdam, Tolhuistuin and Stichting Wijsneus.

On June 10 and 11, Open Oscillator returns to the Tolhuistuin: the electronic music festival with a focus on audio art and experimentation. Come and listen in a garden filled with huge sound boxes with flashing lights, a tangle of cables, modular dreams and the smallest new synthesizers that fit right in your pocket.

Open Oscillator is characterized by programming that is on the cutting edge of technology and audio art, but at the same time has room for experimentation and new collaborations.

Amsterdam, NL