Dead White Man’s Clothing          
Website design + Art direction (2019-2020)

Reflecting on the duality between the two countries, I have designed an independent coexisting variable moving website. The two stories are the same but differ in perspective. The story can be taken in several multidimensional ways.

Project by Linda Valkeman
Web coding by Sjonde Baron
Video by Yannesh Meijman
A project by Linda Valkeman. Dead White Man’s Clothing, also known as Obroni Wa Wu, is a ongoing multimedia research project that explores the life of second hand clothing material in ac- cordance with the past, present and future global perspectives in the context of Amsterdam(NL) and Accra(GH).

Obroni Wa Wu is a common term for secondhand clothes in Ghana meaning ‘the white man has died clothes’. This expression comes from the idea that someone would have to die to give up so much stuff, implying that the concept of excess was foreign.

Amsterdam, NL