Life in the Phusicene          
5 — 11 juli 2019, The Hague, NL

Graduation Project, KABK

What is our human impact on the world and what do we leave behind for future, non-human, generations? In the Anthropocene humankind has become a force of nature and left the earth with deep marks.

This installation explores four souvenirs (CO2, methane, radioactive waste and plastic) we as humans leave behind on this planet. From the deep eras of earth’s history we know earth is capable of life without us. And we know she always found solutions for the natural shifting climate. “The end of the world”, this does not always have to refer to the apoca- lyptic human centered scenes. It can also refer to the collapse of a complex system that is no longer capable of maintaining it’s precarious balance. 

I’m using this concept as the basis for what I think will be the next period of earth’s history: the Phusicene. In this abandoned ‘labo- ratory’ Azolla, Candidatus M. Oxyfera, Galleria Mellonella and Cryptococcus Neoformans tell their stories about the four man-made souvenirs.

In collaboration with:
Dr. Federica Bertocchini,
Arjen Mulder Dhr.
Prof. Dr. Teun Boekhout,
Dr. Laura van Niftrik &
Prof. Dr. Henk Brinkhuis

All experts within their respective fields. They helped me make this project possible and gave me all the detailed information necessary.

Amsterdam, NL