Landschap als Cult           
28 november 2019 — 3 mei 2020
Bureau Europa

Graphic design 

The concept for the design lies in the first GIS drawing by landscape designer, Ian McHarg, seen by many as the predecessor of this time and who was one of the most influential people in the environmental movement.

The stacked landscape introduces a tilted view, a vertical approach to what we normally consider horizontal, namely our landscape. That vertical reality symbolizes cultivation and technology as our new "stacked" reality. It also refers to the issue of city/country (cluttering) and rationalization as it dominated our makeable (agricultural) country, especially in the 20th century. 

The exhibition Landscape as Cult. A Changing View on Our Nature’ puts the people/landscape and culture/nature relationships into sharp focus. The stage for our actions us has always been the landscape around us, but have we almost outgrown this podium? Given the increasing awareness of our disastrous treatment of nature,are we still able – or willing – to feel connected to it? Or are we more inclined to attract the landscape towards us, or even to spend more time in nature?

Amsterdam, NL