Gallowstreet, NL (2021)

Set photography: Kiki Reijners

For Laaglands, Gallowstreet identifed themselves as the ‘landscape geographers of music’.

With this concept, I dove into the archives of the Zipper archive collection to create a uniform like look. Where the band would find itself at the intersection of nature and blend in to the typical Dutch landscape and its colors.
Looking at Vermeers De geograaf and the outdoorsy simple look of natural geographers I created a cohesive look with a modern twist. Swedish workman jackets and army fanfaren pants, sand color with a purple stripe.

Furthermore, I actively contributed to the production on two shooting days, ensuring a harmonious execution of the envisioned concept while maintaining the authenticity and visual impact of the attire. This involved liaising with friendly forest rangers and effectively managing the schedule to keep the day on track.

Amsterdam, NL