Gallowstreet, NL (2021)

Vinyl + singel design, Styling, Production

Had the privilagge to make this gatefold vinyl (and more) for Gallowstreet

This is Laaglands, a record that was made during the COVID pandemic in 2020-2021. This record serves as a testament to that period, in which Gallowstreet offered a respite from touring and allowed themselves to make compositions that weren’t meant for the festival crowds, but to make music for hikes in nature.

The music made during this time found its place in the Dutch landscapes. They found themselves exploring the meadows, marshes and pastures of our country.  Divided into two weekends, early March and September of 2021 they recorded 8 pieces of music in the Dutch outdoors.  
The experience was both intense and rewarding. Traveling with all the instruments and audio gear to create an on-site outdoor recording studio was no easy feat. Luckily the weather-gods were on our side.

The 8 singles consists carefully cut paper cuttings that symbolize the 8 typical Dutch landscapes, where Gallowstreet recorded and invited nature to rewild herself. A little homage to Matisse’s paper cuttings and the so readily recognizable Dutch landscapes. While simultaneously looking at Reid Miles designs of the famous Blue Note jazz albums. All the skies from the singles combined resulted in the cover of the final vinyl. The backside symbolizes for me the most recognizable Dutch lanscape of all time green meadows and grey skies. 

Vinyl: Gatefold with custom map of all the recording locations and booklet with behind the scenes footage.

Amsterdam, NL