International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), 2020-2021
June 9 — July 11, 2021

Exhibition design and campaign by ARK Rotterdam (Roosje Klap,
Loes Claessens Nina van Tuikwerd, Nóra Békés and Ina Hollmann)

The campaign and identity is based on the endless possibilities of a 5x5 grid. The use of colours refer to the two crucial topics of the biennale: energy (red) and water (blue).
In the fall of 2018, the IPPC, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, raised the alarm: to avoid catastrophe, human societies have 12 years to completely transform the way we use energy and land. Change is urgently needed and on a scale for which ‘there is no documented historical precedent’, scientists from all around the world warned. That is why we think it’s best to assume that we are facing the deepest crisis in human memory. And that we have no time to waste. And that is why IABR–DOWN TO EARTH asks: Where can we land? Can we re-settle on planet Earth, as it were, in a sustainable balance with other lifeforms and one with nature?

Can we, as philosopher Bruno Latour puts it, redesign our living environments ‘as that on which a terrestrial depends’ and always ask ourselves ‘what other terrestrials also depend on it?’ For this is now inevitably our new challenge, politically, socially and culturally, we have to redefine all of our actions as that which takes us back to earth. DOWN TO EARTH.

Amsterdam, NL