De Nieuwe Vrouw          
Singer Laren, NL (2022)
14 september 2022 — 8 januari 2023,

Exhibition design and campaign commissioned by Singer Laren
Catalogue design commissioned by Waanders Publishers
Curated by Maaike Rikhof

Graphic design and typography by (ARK)
Roosje Klap with Nina van Tuikwerd

Exhibition photos by Peter Tijhuis
Music animation by Dirk Zandvliet
This exhibition De Nieuwe Vrouw (The New Woman), tells the story of the changing social positions of women, reflected in Dutch art of the twentieth century. In the spotlight are women who take to the barricade, enter new fields of work, create masterpieces, light up a cigarette or jump on a bicycle. Women challenge ideas of what is typically ‘feminine' or 'masculine,' ideas that break with conventions and push boundaries. Initially, we didn’t like the title, but after finding out that The New Woman was meant as an insult in the 30s, we understood that this exhibition wanted to tell more than just a pretty picture.

The exhibition features paintings and photos by ao Charley Toorop, Marlene Dumas, Else Berg, Jan Sluijters, Iris Kensmil, Lou Loeber, Eva Besnyö, Isaac Israels, Helen Verhoeven, Thérèse Schwartze, Rineke Dijkstra, and Leo Gestel.

Amsterdam, NL