De Muziekstraat           
2021 - heden

Identity Design (+ project bases posters and flyers)
(with drawings from Anouschka Boswijk)

De Muziekstraat is a foundation in Amsterdam North that organizes music and art projects for residents of the Vogel and IJplein neighborhoods and other neighborhoods in North.
My mission was to create an inclusive identity that resonates with both young and old, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration of creativity. In the quest to appeal to diverse age groups, I discovered the perfect typeface ‘Gestures’ from Moniker. The typeface has a set of variable letters, offering the versatility needed to adapt to different projects. For our younger audience, I can infuse playfulness into the visuals, while for the older generation, maintains a sense of elegance and seriousness. This flexibility ensures that each communication caters to the specific audience it addresses, forging strong connections with every participant.

A central element of the identity is the captivating artwork of Illustrator Anouschka Boswijk. With her artistic prowess, she breathes life into our projects, creating bespoke drawings that beautifully encapsulate the essence of each project. These drawings find a home in our eye-catching posters and alluring flyers, becoming the visual anchors that attract residents to join!

Amsterdam, NL