9 april — 13 november 2023, Tilburg, NL

Botanical plant drawings 

The task involved crafting intricate pen drawings that meticulously portrayed the botanical essence of each raw material essential for fabric dyeing. Drawing from the rich tradition of botanical illustration, I found inspiration in the timeless works of Ernst Heinkel and the iconic New Herbal depictions of Leonhart Fuchs. Each illustration was meticulously constructed to evoke the charm of classical botanical drawings, capturing the essence of antiquity while celebrating the artistry of the craft.
Textiles come in every color imaginable. But what actually makes your favorite pair of jeans blue? In the exhibition ‘Kleurstof’ you will discover everything about textile dyeing: from the origins of dyes to the stories behind them and the impact it has on people and the environment.

The colors yellow, blue and red are the starting point of ‘Dye’. The work of various artists and (fashion) designers such as Claudy Jongstra, Antonio José Guzman & Iva Jankovic, Nienke Hoogvliet, Aboubakar Fofana and Nan Groot Antink gives you a glimpse of the beauty and dilemmas of dyed textiles. Discover the biggest challenges faced by artisans, designers, scientists and artists from the past to the present and what solutions have been found. 

Amsterdam, NL